Store locations

Sanlitun South

shop109, Edinburgh apartment, 1 Baijiazhuang Road, Chaoyang Dist.
Tel.: +86 (0)10 5967 0966

Central Lufthansa

Shop B-13, PingAn Internation Finance centre, 1 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang Dist.
Tel.: +86 (0)10 6592 4537

Central Sanlitun

Lobby Bldy 2, 3A Sanlitun Western 6 Street, Chaoyang Dist. (Next to Bank of China)
Tel.: +86 (0)10 6531 3492


nascacafe(Inside of April gourmet surpermarket), room102, #9Fangyuannanli, Chaoyang Dist.
Tel.: 6438 3002


shop 101, Longfor Apartment ,No 16,Zhongguancun North Rd. Haidian Dist.
Tel.: +86 (0)10 6994 3449

1.亚马逊 Deep Amason

mushroom,caramelized onions,blue vein cheese,tomato.options: olives, bacon

2.素食美食家 Gourmet Vegetarian

italian sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, mushroom, spinach, onions, feta cheese option:pepperoni

3.新绿素食披萨 New Green-Views

italian sun-dried tomatoes, cashews, mushroom, avocado, onions, spinach, camembert

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