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  Blue best

double steak mince patties with grilled mushroom, caramelized onions, crispy butter garlic, lettuces, tomatoes, crispy bacon & blue cheese mayo, cheddar cheese


double steak mince patties with avocado, lettcues, tomato & crispy bacon

  Kiwi All black

double steak mince patties with bacon, beetroot, fried egg, gherkin, tomatoes, lettuces, cheddar cheese

  Mexican special

double steak mince patties, jalapenos,sour cream,salsa suace, cheddar cheese,corn chips,tomatoes,lettuces

  Reuben burger

Double steak mince patties,sauekrant,bacon,swiss cheese,thousand sauce,tomatoes,lettues

  Nasca chicken burger

crispy chicken breast, crispy bacon, fried onions,avocado,tomatoes,lettuces,cheddar cheese.optional sauces: mayonnaise,honey mustard, tomatoes sauce

  Fisherman's lunch

grilled snapper with seafood mashed potato,lettuces,tomatoes,indonesia sweet soya sauce

  Nasca fish burger

beer batter snapper,lettuces,tomatoes,fried onions,cheddar cheese.optional sauce: seafood sauce, mayonnaise or tartar sauce

  Big island

grilled chicken breast,pineapple,lettuces,tomatoes, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese

  Just nasca

double steak mince patties, crispy bacon, fried onions, tomatoes, gherkins and lettuces, cheddar cheese. optional sauce: smokey BBQ, salsa, sweet thai chilli, honey mustard

  BBQ pork rib burger

200g boneless BBQ pork ribs with bacon, coleslow, mashed potato, lettuces, tomatoes

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