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  Cajun chicken

 lettuces,tomatoes,avocado,cajun chicken fillet,spring onions,mayo sauce or salsa sauce,

cheddar cheese

  Black pepper roasted beef

 lettuces, tomatoes, black pepper roasted beef, capsicum, gherkin, onions, cajun spice, honey mustard sauce, cheddar cheese

  Super tuna

 lettuces, tomatoes, italian sun-dried tomatoes, italian olives, mayo-sweet corn, tuna, onions, cheddar cheese


 roasted chicken breast, cranberry sauce & camembert cheese

  Ham or chicken cheese

 lettuces, tomatoes, ham or chicken, onions, boiled eggs, cucumbers, mayo sauce, cheddar cheese

  Grilled vegetables

 grilled egg plant,capsicum,zucchini,pumpkin and onions with salsa sauce and cheddar cheese

  Simple vegetarian

 avocado,lettuces,tomatoes,cucumbers, carrots with honey mustard and cheddar cheese

  Gourmet vegatarian

 grilled onions, sauteed mushroom, spanich, sundried tomatoes, feta, pine nuts, garlic, mozzarella

  Smoked salmon cream cheese

 norway smoked salmon, cream cheese, mozzarella, spring onions, caesar dressing

  Salami bacon butter mushroom

 italian salami, butter sauteed mushroom with smoked bacon and onions on bed of fresh tomato and cheese

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